Thanks to everyone who entered our #RESERVOISOME photo competition during August. We had a hard time choosing the four winners because the mix of photos was so great!

Congratulations to the following winners and thanks again for sharing a snippet of your daily life in the village.

Jayde Stone

Reservoir village @Jayde Stone

“You can not capture the spirit of Reservoir Village with just one picture. Its the experience, its the same street you’ve frequented and loved since you were a kid, its about supporting the local families and business’ as well as the smells from the bakeries that draw you in or the variety of food from the various cafes most importantly its about the culture seeing the same familiar faces and justsaying a friendly hello upon passing by. The joy from buying a donut from sargents after school or going to get a new jumper from sports power just to enjoy a friendly chat from the people youve come to know over the past 25 years! My nan visited Reservoir Village nearly everyday i even have the same locals from the shops she frequent tell me memories of her, its more than just a village.#reservoirsome”

Reservoir Village @Christina Kotsiris

Christina Kotsiris

“There’s nothing like sweet treat after story time at the library








Reservoir Village @Loretta Sgro

Loretta Sgro

“Res croissants ?? #reservoirsome





Reservoir village @Susan Whitham

Susan Whitham

“Babycinos and treats after kinder and before the library at Il Pasticcino! #reservoirsome